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No More Going at It Alone

by | Aug 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

In my quest to help newer voice talent get established, on top of posting blogs with specific, actionable advice, I want to create a medium that you can directly communicate with me through. At the moment, I will be using an email address you can send questions to ( and creating a Discord Community where you can private message me or use the open format within the server to ask questions for everyone to see and learn from. Because I experienced what it was like to try to figure out how to establish myself in this industry all by myself, taking endless classes, buying MANY expensive coaching sessions, getting fed conflicting information from other voice talent and just all in all being extremely inefficient with my time and money, I want to help you avoid all of that. Below are some of the ways I want to do that:

  1. Create an environment in a Discord Community and a direct email address ( where you can openly/privately ask me questions/concerns/criticisms of your current situation and get access to every bit of knowledge, connections or advice I have.
    • I have built a healthy relationship with many “big players” in the VO industry, and anything I do not fully know the answer to, I know exactly who to refer you to. This ensures you will always be able to head in the right direction.
    • Every person has their own unique passions, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. This inevitably dictates the path you take moving forward, which is why typical “Facebook groups” or open forums can be dangerous when seeking advice or guidance. Being able to get information specifically for you that is tried and true from a single source will help you avoid going down unfruitful paths.
  2. Tackle the stigma (kryptonite) of the voice acting industry that says you have to “always” work alone.
    • One thing I see far too little of is true friendships forming between voice actors. Being part of a community with like-minded individuals will help you build actual relationships with your peers.
    • We will have weekly group events where we cold read a video game, animation or anime script together, then give each other insights and criticisms between read-throughs.
      • This is a valuable skill to train, as being able to cold read (reading a script unrehearsed) well is basically a requirement to succeed in this business.
    • Offer the ability to have others be there for you during your auditions/practice sessions/job recordings, so you’re not “acting alone” since that is a BIG challenge in our industry.
      • You look at any other form of acting apart from voice acting and you see an actor almost ALWAYS has another person to act with/off of, which makes a performance MUCH more authentic and personal.
      • Acting is Reacting!
      • A blog post going over this point is coming and how this will help you in the long run.
  1. Lastly, for those who feel completely lost or need help learning/enhancing their acting performances, you can schedule 1-on-1, private sessions with me for an affordable price ($30/half-hour, $50/hour).
    • This includes a free 15-minute initial meeting/consultation for anyone to go over what your problems are and figure out immediate solutions.
    • The goal here is to give extremely hyper-personal support for your career without forcing you to rely on random YouTube videos, website articles, social media groups, etc. (that are usually misleading) OR forcing you to book $200/hr sessions with coaches who tell you basic info for premium prices. My goal:
      • Help those of you who are brand spanking new to gather their equipment, establish their recording set-up, figure out their goals, passions, strengths and weaknesses, then create a roadmap of the best next steps you can take to efficiently and affordably break into the industry.
      • Help those of you already with a recording set-up to enhance and strengthen your fundamentals of acting/performing to the point where you really only need to use a “professional” coach to book a demo-recording session with, which will ultimately save time and money.
      • Help those of you who have a grasp on the basics really fine-tune your individual acting performances by directing your practice scripts, auditions and job recordings, making sure you are squeezing out the most creative, authentic and nuanced juices from the script as possible.

My driving factor here is I felt alone and helpless for 3 years as I broke into this industry, constantly being taken advantage of, preyed upon and just outright misled. I always strove for someone to be in my corner and just be there for me when I felt alone or needed help, but I never really got that. Now, I want to be that for you, and in doing so by begging you to ask me questions to get answers that will establish a path for yourself, I also want to build a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to help one another in their acting, not allowing anyone to feel helpless and alone in this industry.

You can join the Discord Community by clicking this link.


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