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Voice Acting Realities: My Story and Desire.

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

After absolutely STUMBLING my way into the Voice Over industry, what I’ve always wanted to do is help beginners in this industry avoid that struggle and establish a solid foundation. When I started, as is the case for many people, I had no clear direction and was led astray by multiple sources with bad advice and preyed upon by “coaches” and “companies” that wanted to take advantage of my ignorance. When I finally got on my way, I had almost thrown away a year of my time and wasted some resources on mostly unhelpful things. However, though I found my way, I realized the entry into this VO business was steep. You needed coaching, training, equipment, software and so much more. What you notice quickly is seemingly all the “required” VO information and the “good” coaches are locked behind premium prices (close to $200/hr for most trusted coaches) and extremely long waiting lists.

I would like to say, I am not discrediting the service many quality coaches provide like Dave Walsh, J Michael Collins, and Anne Ganguzza. They have been in the industry for a long time, have a lot of experience and have been vetted to show their worth. However, as a new person in the industry, their expertise can be overkill. Yes, you will be learning how to perform, but you’re paying “big fish” prices for your “small fish” knowledge and experience level. As a newbie, the time you have to spend with these kinds of coaches varies, but even if you are a quick learner, you’re going to have to book AT LEAST 5 sessions, usually closer to 10+ before you are really getting the hang of things, and that is usually just for ONE genre of this multifaceted world of VO.

Additionally, the goal of this coaching is to reach the creation of a demo, which is the holy grail of your business, or at least a necessary step to show you are a professional. This demo is going to run you $1000-$2500 depending on who you use and how their process of creating that demo works. All-in-all, before you can really get started working in VO, if you work at peak efficiency and take 0 wrong paths, you’re looking at spending $3000-$5000+ right when you get into the business, which is a hard feat, especially for people like me who didn’t have a real job prior to starting VO. So, as you can see, it’s hard jumping into the space, not even including all of the money you have to potentially spend to create your recording set-up and everything that comes with that.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “Wow, this guy is soooo mad and painting a horrible light on the VO industry because XYZ happened to him, etc.” No. I assure you; this isn’t a “hit piece” on the VO industry, rather I’m just telling it like it is. Starting ANY business requires an up-front investment, and you have to be prepared for that. In a lot of ways, there’s no avoiding the bulk of it, but there are ways to avoid meaningless wandering, unhelpful purchases, unnecessary stress, etc. You can do so by putting your focus on the straightest, most efficient path through this complicated industry that no one really is sharing with you specifically. This brings me to what I want to do to help. I believe there is sort of an “initiation process” that all VO artists can go through to help make their journey into the industry more consistent, timely and cost effective. Currently, many voice actors are misinformed and viewing the industry in the wrong way. Others simply are confused on what to do next but have the passion and desire to be more.

My Desire: Give you an opportunity to talk with someone who’s been in your shoes, been clueless, been taken advantage of, spent loads of money in a non-efficient way, made many discoveries from all these mistakes, and now wants to help others avoid this. I will do this by:

  1. Giving a free initial meeting to meet one on one and go over your problems, questions, and anything else keeping you from moving forward to the next level.
  2. For more intimate and long-running support, offer affordable, one-on-one help to tackle specific shortcomings in your journey whether it be business-related or performance-related.
  3. To also be available via private messages or open dialogue on Discord or Email ( I always begged for help from other “professionals” in the industry, but I consistently got the cold shoulder and always felt like a burden. Well, I want to be there to answer your questions without you feeling anything like that.
    • I will always try to be available to answer your questions as completely as I can.
    • I want to do this so you can avoid using social media groups (like Facebook) or other similar outlets where the feedback you get comes from people of mixed skill levels, usually with contradicting advice.
    • I may not know every question you ask me initially, but I can use my sources and relationships I’ve gained over the years in VO to get you professional answers and advice.


    To learn more, click here to view my post going into detail about the Discord Community and personal support.


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