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Caleb’s versatile voice makes him perfect for youthful character voices and spots like the casual college bro, young dad, funny sidekick or the nice guy next door. His sound can range from mature, smart or rugged to excited, friendly and trustworthy. If you want to captivate audiences with relatable, contemporary young male voice over delivered with fast and reliable professionalism, Caleb is your Gen Z Voice Actor. 

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Houston Hype Video
Houston Hype Video
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Kids Discover: What it Took to Build the Walls
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Nazareth College
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Caleb Harrelson is an old soul with an authentically young sound that can best be described as All-American, contemporary, relatable, versatile, and easy-going.

Caleb Harrelson voice over talent

Although Caleb’s age makes him a member of Generation Z, he’s proud to be free of the stereotypes that come with “zoomers.” Caleb delivers the benefits of a much older, more experienced vocal artist with the tone of a chill, vibey, surfer-bro.

Caleb’s cool, fun, relaxed voice paired with his strong sense of professionalism and awareness make him as easy to work with as he is to listen to. This multifaceted talent is perfect for roles ranging from best buddy and witty sidekick to new dad, friendly and savvy young professional, or upbeat commercial.

His previous voiceover clients have included AT&T, Zoom, Logitech, AARP, TireHub, Liberty University, Kids Discover, and more. Caleb makes it a point to take direction and execute projects quickly. His clients are always impressed with his ability to convey the perfect tone in a timely manner. He’s already gained a great rep for being humble and flexible while bringing high-quality audio that’s always special and professional.

When he’s not working from his broadcast quality home studio, he digs watching cartoons and anime, playing video games, various sports and vacationing with friends.

If you’re looking for the voice of inspirational and relatable youth finished with the aptitude of an experienced VO artist, you’ll get all that and then some with the VO treasure that is Caleb Harrelson. Let his Z mark your next spot with an altogether reliable, authentic and chillax impact today.


Here’s what Caleb’s happy clients have to say

Robbie Robertson / LRADAC

I was producing a TV spot about the huge rise in opioid overdoses with a call to action about where to go for recovery resources (for people who are struggling) and Caleb absolutely nailed it! He injected the right amount of authentic compassion about the epidemic and then made an emotional segue into being a confident authority on where to go for help. Exactly what we were looking for! And he did it in only two takes! I will definitely use Caleb again and highly recommend his amazing talent and professionalism.

Richard Esposito / Charleston Southern University

We had a four minute voice over that required a certain tone to it. Caleb nailed it on the first take without any rerecording. Besides the voice, he was great to work with. We had a really quick turn around, and he came through.

Ben Gonyo, Fish & Crown Creative

Caleb was fantastic to work with and nailed the script on the first round! Would definitely work with him again in the future.

Andrew, Home Instead, Inc

Friendly and professional! It’s always great to work with a collaborator like Caleb. He comes prepared and brings great ideas but also takes notes readily and with a humble attitude. He was flexible and ready to go right away on what was a pretty quick turnaround project.

Matt, Director for Finders Productions LA, California

We loved your voice over and our client is happy with your read. Thanks for delivering such a solid read in a timely manner. Audio quality was a breeze to work with.

Hannah Mang, Fish & Crown Production

We have worked with Caleb numerous times for voiceover ads and he is always a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive and quick to deliver high quality audio files. He follows through with our direction and his reads are always exactly what we are looking for. I would highly recommend Caleb for any of your voiceover needs and look forward to working with him in the future!

Josh Reed, Bluepic Studios

We hired Caleb to record the voiceover for an animated explainer video, and he was great to work with throughout the whole process. He recorded a demo for us which was perfect, and was quick to deliver the final audio. He’s very easy to work with and I looking forward to working together again on future projects.

Greg Vass, SolidLine Media

Caleb was outstanding to work with. Great voice + was professional with my client. I would work with Caleb again, and recommend him as well.

Amber, Maker

Caleb was fantastic to work with, delightful, very responsive, and nailed the VO! We’d love to work with him again!


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Coastal Talent for Caleb Harrelson voice over

P.O. Box 1142
Isle of Palms, SC 29451
tel: 843.886.8898

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